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She Plays in Darkness

by Fern Chertkow

"She Plays in Darkness is an exquisitely beautiful and haunting novel filled with such fully developed characters that readers will not soon forget them. This is a book to cherish, to re-read, the kind of novel that avoids sentimentality so fiercely that readers will give copies to their friends and tell them, 'Read this, this is a how a woman's life truly is.'"
-Tony Ardizzone, author of The Whale Chaser

"In She Plays in Darkness, Fern Chertkow crafts a novel rife with mood and sentiment. Through Chertkow's protagonist, a painter/legal secretary named Cynthia, readers encounter a roster of characters that float in and out of this young woman's world, some barely registering with her, others impacting her life irrevocably. A year-long separation from her identical twin Rosemary (the Rose) forces Cynthia to construct an identity all her own.... The gift of this novel lies in Chertkow's ability to withhold obvious declarations from readers and to allow us to make our own discoveries, as Cynthia makes hers."

-Jarrett Neal, NEWCITY LIT

She Plays in Darkness is now out of print, but we do have a few remaindered copies available.

She Plays in Darkness

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